Positive Behaviour Support


We know that all behaviours happen for a reason. Our job is to identify those reasons and help people replace negative behaviours with positive ones that serve the same purpose.

We know that you’re more than just a list of support needs or disabilities. That’s why we take a personalised approach to support everything that is who you are as an individual.

Our goal is to help you gain more control and choice in your life.

The acronym SEAT is used when we speak about functions of behaviour.

While behaviours can sometimes have more than one function, the vast majority of our behaviours typically have one dominant function.


The behaviour either feels nice to the person in some way or helps to reduce pain or discomfort


The behaviour helps the person physically or mentally escape or avoid the situation


The behaviour gets the person the attention they want or need


The person gets access to something tangible such as preferred items, people, events, or activities

Make a Difference

If you are able, we would be grateful for your support

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